Business Case

Today’s competitive environment requires companies to act fast in response to changing conditions. To optimize business processes many companies are constantly introducing new software or update existing systems to a newer version. If a company chooses a strategy of continuous updates, it should focus on the correct and effective use of the system from the very beginning.

In this case, companies are faced with the problem of ensuring that their employees are adequately trained and provided online support in the use of new app, regardless of previous experience or their location. Through systematic training and support of new software users, company can minimize errors in critical business processes, reduce the impact on the support team and ensure successful implementation.

Solutions and Results

SAP Workforce Performance Builder (WPB) provides the tools necessary to work with training participants in the process of implementation, sizing or updating of software systems, and ensures their intensive use.

SAP WPB tools help create detailed and customized documentation, tutorials, tests, online help and system guides that allow employees to get access to the new system quickly and efficiently.

Thanks to SAP WPB capabilities, users are provided with quality support not only during the implementation period, but also throughout the software life cycle.

K2 Consult Offers

K2 Consult has extensive experience in development of learning materials, training and testing of user skills, organization of remote trainings and preparation of user documentation. We have accumulated profound skills in the use of SAP WPB for:

  • Preparation of online training materials
  • Development of tests and user profiles
  • Conducting surveys and certifications, outcome analysis
  • Development of curricula and it’s assignment for remote trainings
  • Monitoring user progress in training

K2 Consult offers its Customers the services of a full e-course library development based on SAP WPB, organization of remote training centers and user documentation.