Business Case

For most companies Call Center availability and quality prove to be a key factor in sustainable business development. Current trend is transformation of a classic Call Center into a Omni-Channel Contact Center, which supports all modern communication: phone calls, voice mail, SMS, e-mail, web and mobile applications. In addition, a modern Contact Center is tasked with regular outbound contacts with customers. What hardware and software tools allow you to successfully perform the full range of tasks of the modern Contact Center? What does SAP, the world leader in business solutions, offer for these purposes?

Solutions and Results

SAP Business Communication Management (SAP BCM) is a professional solution for Contact Centers, which is a omni-channel software package based on IP telephony. SAP BCM replaces classic telephone networks based on the PBX – all the services of SAP BCM are available via a specialized desktop application of Contact Center employee, marketing experts, employees, receiving client calls or support specialists.

Thus, SAP BCM is a complex solution for professional Contact Center and office telephony. Customers of this solution can reduce expenses on telecommunication equipment, as only standard PCs are required to ensure the availability of SAP BCM. In case of scaling the solution, you don’t need to buy more powerful PBXs – it is enough to simply increase the number of workstations.

The SAP BCM solution includes flexible IVR configuration tools, including the ability to activate marketing audio clips for call switching modes or the ability to prioritize lines for marketing campaign support. To optimize the Contact Center operations, automatic call distribution is available for the uniform distribution of workload between operators. BCM also includes logs of the operator's work, records of the time spent on the call and the efficiency calculators, central administration and monitoring functions.

SAP BCM software in combination with CRM system solves wide range of tasks in line with key business processes of your company. For example, activation of client identification function allows you to automatically generate a customer interaction card in the CRM system for further processing by the target company division. Accessing contextual customer information during incoming calls or outgoing calls to the customer allows making qualitative thematic categorization based on the interaction history and customer interests to improve efficiency of the contact.

Customer calls are transferred to employees according to their availability status. Integration with the CRM system allows to set up flexible interface of call distribution process based on your company specific needs. If it’s impossible to connect customer to any employee, a missed call card is created with contextual information (call-back) for the employees of a relevant department.

SAP BCM solution has extensive and flexible configuration options which allow Contact Center optimization for business processes of your company.

K2 Consult Offers

K2 Consult experts have unique experience and profound skills in deployment of the SAP BCM integrated solution. This solution and related business processes have been successfully implemented in automotive sales. For a major customer of the automotive industry we have organized the Contact Center serving a network of 16 dealerships. We have practical experience in logical consolidation of contact centers from different cities (locations).

K2 Consult offers services for the development of optimal Contact Centers solutions, based on the industry specifics of your company, comprehensive analysis and possible optimization of business processes. K2 Consult service package includes creation of a detailed implementation plan, compliance with every deadline, and comprehensive customer support at all stages of the project.