Online Dialogue Reception

Free access to the relevant information and on-line problem solution – it is what you are used to and it is an essential part of your lifestyle. It’s important to realize that these principles are shared by all those you cooperate with.

Physical presence during the inspection of your vehicle before its regular maintenance or repairs allows for better assessment of the condition of your vehicle and the scope of planned service. At the same time, you can discuss your questions in a relaxed atmosphere and agree on additional works, if necessary.

The dialogue reception takes place in comfortable conditions and takes no more than 20 minutes of your time!

Your advantages:

  • You get the opportunity to reach an accurate visual understanding of your vehicle condition and upcoming maintenance or repair works, as well as ask all service adviser your questions;

  • You’ll be able to discuss the need, timing and cost of those additional works that can be found at the stage of dialogue reception;

  • Depending on the vehicle use type and its current condition, the service adviser will help you choose additional equipment and accessories or will offer services specific to your vehicle with special attention to safety, economy, comfort and appearance.

Vehicle Inspection

The check is completed using traffic light principle: red shows what needs to be done immediately, yellow shows problems which can be delayed until your next visit, and green shows normal condition. The information can be sent to the customer by e-mail, which simplifies feedback process. In addition, eVHC forms an event calendar for later contact. This functionality allows service advisors to call the customer at an agreed time to discuss the recommendations issued earlier and offer a convenient service time.


All relevant information is available on the tablet. The interface is simple, clear and intuitive. Any defect location is marked on the vehicle diagram. Defects can be photographed and stored in the system.

Transparent Process

Customer is actively involved in the process.
All recommended works are agreed with the customer.
The Customer can immediately receive a quotation and agree on it.
The eVHC results can be sent to the customer’s email.

The process of online dialogue reception is a practical embodiment of the principles you value!

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“When the vehicle is inspected together, it has a highly favorable impact on the sense of value of the service provided for the Consumer,” Ilia Fedorov, master-consultant of InchcapeMusaMotors said. “The car owner communicates with pleasure, he can ask questions, it is clear to him what the basis of recommendations is, he can understand how the price is formed, what works shall be done immediately, and what can be postponed until next visit. The service advisor provides good advice, building a trusting relationship with the customer.”

“The system can automatically download some information about spare parts and service costs in online mode. All of this is displayed on the tablet screen. You can immediately offer customer a quotation and after its approval you can send the document for processing,” Ilia Fedorov added.

Whereas Aleksandr Gavrilov, Director for After-sales Services of JaguarLandRover in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Armenia, calls the process of dialogue reception “a service test drive” and explains, “We do a lot to make the work transparent, and we pay special attention to ensure that each service advisor explains customer the scope of works before the repair. It’s very important to make people who are clueless about technology understand what has been done and how.”